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Ram Capital Funding provides short-term, 3 to 12 months, working capital for a range of operational needs for an assortment of businesses. Typically, our clients choose to seek funding for temporary cash flow needs, to invest in new equipment, or make time sensitive inventory purchases. RCF offers funding for small and medium businesses in all industries nationwide with at least 6 months operating history and with a minimum of $10,000 in revenue per month. In as little as 4 hours, your business could be on its way to funding after completing a one-page application and 4 months of bank statements.

As a private lender, Ram Capital Funding takes pride in investing in projects that traditional banks may deny, or may take months to approve. Our rapport with the borrowers can be summarized as a partnership for the duration of the loan: we never act as a broker, we are here for you every part of the way, from start to finish.

Who We Are

In order to offer the most competitive services, we streamline our application and screening processes in order to get you the funds you need quicker. By doing so, you get even faster access to capital means for your business to propel and stay on track.

We also take a unique approach to credit history when compared to traditional banking systems. Rather than looking back six years, Ram Capital Funding pays attention to the recent work history of the company. This relevant information influences our lending decisions, not mistakes from six years ago. We understand that merchant cash advances can be a lifeline for business owners to have necessary cash for daily operations, so we have created an expedited process for these reasons.

Another benefit of the merchant cash advance for small to medium companies is the repayment schedule. Unlike traditional loans, merchant cash advances do not have fixed payment amounts each month with a final end payment date. Instead, repayments are based in part by sales, providing repayment flexibility to business owners.

If you are interested in gaining capital to keep your business running and take advantage of the increasing demand, perhaps it is time to talk about a merchant cash advance. Move beyond the long waits for paperwork approval and consider the benefits of fast decisions, flexible repayments, and the opportunities that come with available working capital.

We Understand the Needs of Business Owners Just Like You

Easy Payback

Merchant Cash Advance is not a loan. Which is one of the most beneficial aspects of it. So, instead of a payment book staring at you from your accounting books with pre-established due dates, you know the percentage of credit card transactions that you will use to repay the cash infusion. For you this means that your repayment amount is proportionate and comfortable for your budget.

Time Is Money

Because money needs may be urgent, fast processing is in place automatically. Due to MCA not being a loan, it does not take us two, four, or more weeks to process the paperwork. In fact, we return application responses within hours. Which makes it easy for you to have access to the money you need, in your account, as soon as 24-48 hours after you submit your application.


We try to make this process as smooth and seamless as possible for everyone, to prove our understanding we remove unnecessary steps more traditional institutions require. Traditional loans often require detailed compilations of what you will be spending the money on and from which vendors you will access the products or services. When you get a Merchant Cash Advance, you get the freedom to choose how to best use that capital to improve your business.


We value and provide personal partnerships. Ram Capital Funding provides you with a partnership for the life of your loan. Banks often sell your loans to other brokers, but we will never do that. We stand behind you and your Merchant Cash Advance for the duration of the process.

Focus on Cash Flow and Sales

As a provider of Merchant Cash Advances, Ram Capital Funding, is not as interested with the credit history of the small business as we are on your more recent and current behaviors. We understand that all businesses go through economic struggles sometimes. If you experienced hardship and had some late payments a few years ago, this does not automatically disqualify you from receiving an MCA.

Capital for Seasonal Operators

There are companies that profits and peaks are seasonally based. If you own a business that profits are contingent on changing seasons, you feel the pains through not having consistent cash flow. At Ram Capital Funding, we understand that your cash flow should do just that,flow. In order to bridge the gap, we recommend an MCA. It would be the perfect way to keep the fountain going through these times.

We provide unique financing options, and we understand that business owners have unique financial needs. Each industry comes with its own set of needs, services, products, and growth opportunities

Some of the Industries We Serve

Green Energy
Start-up Companies
Oil & Gas Companies

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There is a tremendous opportunity to deepen and solidify relationships with your best clients and attract highly-desired prospective clients. These clients demand comprehensive wealth management services from a team of professionals whose integrity, competence, security and privacy they can trust.

Building a successful wealth management practice within a multi-partner accounting firm takes a proven blueprint for reaching the firm’s highest potential. Based on expertise gained from working with hundreds of successful firms, we developed proven processes that include market research, practice consulting, business development processes and innovative technology.

The experienced industry professionals on our Business Development team specialize in helping CPA, tax and estate planning firms integrate comprehensive wealth management services into their practices.

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